International Student & Study Abroad Advising

Overview of International Student and Study Abroad Advising Office

The office provides international students with:

  1. up-to-date information and advice on living in Japan to help international students settle in smoothly.
  2. easy access to finding advice and services.
  3. advice and services to promote international exchange activities among international students, Japanese students, faculty members, administrative staff members, and people from the local community.

The office provides HU students with;

  1. study abroad advice and detailed program information.
  2. support in preparing for their studies at a partner university overseas.
  3. short-term global training programs (in Australia, Hong Kong, Spain and Singapore/Malaysia).

Timetable for International Student Advising

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
AM 10:15-13:15 Ki Takahashi Uematsu Akiba Ota
PM 14:15-17:15 Ki Takahashi Uematsu Akiba Ota

Timetable for Study Abroad Advising

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
AM 10:00-13:00 Abe Uematsu Uematsu Uematsu
PM 14:00-17:00 Abe Uematsu Uematsu uematsu
  • Location

    International Resources Room, 1st Floor, LS/CGE Building, East Campus

  • Advisors

    Jin Abe (Center for Global Education)
    Kiyoko Uematsu (International Affairs Office)

International Student Orientation

Please refer to this link for further information about orientation.

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