Room Numbers and Announcement

  Room Numbers

  ▶Single Room, Couple and Family Room (Degree-seeking students)

  ▶Exchange students

  ▶MEXT students


    ※Please read the announcement for new residents of Hitotsubashi University thoroughly.



   ※If you are allocated to Kunitachi international houce, the management office will contact you directly.


   ※If you are allocated to CHUWA dormitory, the Chuwa dormitory executive will send you the email for

     you. Please answer and reply to them, promptly.


   ※There are no elevators in Building S/N at Ikkyo-Ryo. So please make sure to bring a minimal amount of

     luggage. To get your luggage to your room, it is your own responsibility.



  【IMPORTANT】All residents are required to sign up for a fire insurance contract according

  to the residence hall regulation.

  More information are below.



For further inquiries, please contact the the Student Services Division 'Accommodation section' of Hitotsubashi University.

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