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Procedures on Campus

Registration Form for International Students


All newly-arrived international students must complete the On-line Registration for International Students until the International Student Orientation.

Temporary Leave Form

If you leave Japan temporarily to go on a trip or to return to your home country, please be sure to submit a Temporary Leave Form to the Educational Affairs Division. If you are going to be away from your residence in Japan for more than 1 week, please contact your landlord (off-campus apartment) or the administration office (university dormitory) and inform them of your absence.

Change of Address Form

If you change your address or phone number, please be sure to submit a Change of Address Form to the Educational Affairs Division, 4th Section. If you fail to do so you will be unable to receive important information from the university. Also, please inform your department about the change.

Application Form for Certificates of Receipt of Scholarship (MEXT Scholarship, Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students, JASSO Scholarship for Short-term Study in Japan, and Hitotsubashi University Foundation Scholarship)

If you need to submit a Certificate of Receipt of Scholarship to the Immigration Bureau or city hall, please apply for the certificate to each responsible section. It takes several days to issue the certificate, and you should apply more than one week prior to the day you need it.

Request for Official Letter of Recommendation to Change/Extend Visa Status to Seek Employment

If you would like to stay in Japan and look for a job after graduation, you can change your visa status from "Student" to "Designated Activities".

Ministry of Justice Website: Visa Status "Designated Activities"


To apply for a change of visa status, you need to submit an Official Letter of Recommendation to the Immigration Bureau. Please fill out the request form, prepare the necessary documentation, and consult the International Student and Study Abroad Advising Office (ISSAAO), and then submit the form to the Educational Affairs Division, 4th Section.

Procedures at the Immigration Bureau and City Hall

Other Information

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