Tutorial Services

One-on-one tutorial services by Japanese students and senior international students are available for international students. There are 2 types of tutorial services as below. For inquiries, please contact the International Students and Study Abroad Advising Office (ISSAAO) (+81-42-580-8168) or the Educational Affairs Division, 3rd Division (+81-42-580-8765)

1. Tutors (General)

Academic tutoring is available for all international students, including exchange students. You can use the services only in your first year at Hitotsubashi University. Please submit the application form below to the ISSAAO, or find a tutor who is familiar with your research area on your own and register at the ISSAAO. If you need a Japanese tutor for other than academic purposes, please find a language exchange partner through the Language Community (LC).


2. Tutors for Dissertation Writing

This service is for international graduate students who are writing a master's or doctoral dissertation in Japanese. The tutor provides advice on your writing including Japanese grammar and sentence structure. You can make use of this service only during the final 2 months before submitting your dissertation. Please finish writing first and then use the tutorial service to have your dissertation proofread.
We recommend you to look for a possible tutor who is familiar with your research topic on your own in advance.

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