Graduate Exchange Student Application

Application Procedure

  1. Candidates are nominated as exchange students by our partner universities.
  2. Nominated students complete the online registration, upload a scanned passport copy, print out "Student Exchange Application Form" and attach/insert their ID photo to the form.
  3. Nominated students prepare the required supporting documents downloaded from our website.
  4. The Student Exchange Application Form and supporting documents are mailed to us by the partner university.

Online Registration

Online registration is required before you send the application documents. Please read the online registration guideline before you start your entry. You must print out and download the Student Exchange Application Form for submission at the final page.
Online Registration for April 2019 ends on September 28, 2018.

※ Applications sent without nomination by a partner university will not be accepted.
※ From April 2018, the Graduate School of Commerce and Management will be renamed to "the Graduate School of Business Administration". For online registration, please select the Graduate School of Commerce and Management".

Application Package Download

Please download the application package from the link below and submit all the necessary documents by the deadline.

Application Deadline for Admission

Deadline for April 2019 Admission
September 28, 2018

Student Exchange Admission Schedule

Please refer to the admission schedule.

Options for Graduate Exchange Students

There are four options for graduate-level student exchange.

1. Research under a Supervisor

Acceptance under this option is subject to the availability of a suitable supervisor and resources, and to the content of the application. Before submitting an application, applicants are strongly advised to contact a supervisor with the relevant research interests and to clarify the purpose of the research and the level of proficiency in Japanese.

2. Enroll in Courses Conducted in Japanese

Both undergraduate and graduate courses conducted in Japanese are available. Applicants must possess a minimum Japanese language proficiency of JLPT Level 2, N2, or equivalent. Please note however that in practice JLPT Level 2 is generally insufficient for most courses, particularly for courses at the graduate level. Please refer to the web syllabus for the details of each course.

3. Enroll in Courses Conducted in English

There are some graduate and undergraduate courses conducted in English, but most of them are undergraduate-level only. Applicants must possess a minimum English language proficiency of TOEFL PBT 550, iBT 79, IELTS 6.0, or equivalent. A list of courses taught in English (HGP course list), mostly undergraduate-level courses, is available on the HGP website. Please refer to the web syllabus for the details of each course.

4. Enroll in Japanese Language Courses

Hitotsubashi University offers a wide variety of Japanese Language Courses ranging from introductory to advanced levels. Most courses are credited as undergraduate courses with a few exceptions for advanced Japanese language courses for graduate students. Please refer to the list of Japanese language courses, and to the web syllabus for the details of each course.

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