Course Registration

Exchange Students (Undergraduate)

There are 3 types of course available for undergraduate exchange students.

Course Type Medium of Instruction Content
General Education Courses Mainly in Japanese Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Information, Natural Science, Sports, General Cources, Japanese Language, Japanese Affairs
Undergraduate Courses Mainly in Japanese Specialized Courses offered by Faculties of Commerce and Management, Economics, Law, and Social Sciences

Hitotsubashi University
Global Education Program (HGP)

Mainly in English Courses conducted in English which are offered as General Education Courses or Specialized Courses, Global Education Courses (Including Japanese Language, Japanese Affairs, Seminar, etc.)

Undergraduate exchange students can register for courses outside their own major. However, some courses are not available to exchange students: please refer to the registration guidelines below.

Exchange Students (Graduate)

Graduate exchange students can register not only for the undergraduate courses listed above, but also for graduate courses offered by their own faculty. However, the requirements for the latter courses vary depending on the faculty and the course, and students should check with their faculty before registering.

*MBA (Graduate School of Commerce and Management) courses are not available to exchange students.

Japanese Language

Japanese Language Courses are available to both undergraduate and graduate exchange students. The course levels range from elementary to advanced. Please refer to the course list.

Course Syllabus

Please refer to the web syllabus (Mercas) for detailed course information. You do not require a user ID and password just to read the course descriptions - simply click on "Login".


*New online syllabus servise will go live on Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

Along with the new academic information system "CELS" goes live on Tuesday, March 26th, 2019, the online syllabus service will be transferred into this new system at the same time.

New Online Syllabus can be accessed at this link: (open to public)

*Course syllabi are available on Marcus till Monday, March 25th.


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