Undergraduate Exchange Student Application

Application Procedure for Exchange Students

  1. Candidates are nominated as exchange students by our partner universities.
  2. Nominated students complete the online registration, upload a scanned passport copy, print out "Student Exchange Application Form" and attach/insert their ID photo to the form.
  3. Nominated students prepare the required supporting documents downloaded from our website.
  4. The Student Exchange Application Form and supporting documents are mailed to us by the partner university.

Online Registration

Online registration is required before you mail the application documents. Please read the online registration guideline before you start your entry. You must print out and download the Student Exchange Application Form for submission at the final page.
Online Registration for April 2019 ends on September 28, 2018.

※ Applications sent without nomination by a partner university will not be accepted.

Application Package Download

Please download the application package from the link below and submit all the necessary documents by the deadline.

Application Deadline for Admission

Deadline for April 2019 Admission
September 28, 2018

Student Exchange Admission Schedule

Please refer to the admission schedule.

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