Graduate Programs (Privately Financed Students)

Graduate School Admissions

Admission to Master's and Doctoral Programs

Special screening may be available in some cases. The application guidelines are released around June. Please refer to the admission guidelines on the website of the relevant graduate school.

Subject Areas

The following are the main subject areas. Please refer to the website of the relevant graduate school for details.

Business Management and Marketing
Management Program, Innovation Program, Business Economics Program, Marketing Program, Culture and Industry Studies
Accounting / Money and Finance
Accounting Program, Money and Finance Program, Basic Science Program
Economic Theory and Economic Statistics
Economic Theory, Socioeconomic Systems, Economic Statistics, Information and Mathematical Science
Applied Economics
Economic Policy, Public Economics, Environment and Technology, Contemporary Economics, Economic Geography
Economic History and Regional Economies
Economic History, Regional Economics, Economic Cultural Information
Comparative and Regional Development Economics
Law and International Relations
Business Law/Public Control of Business, Civil Law, Basic Law, Public Law, Criminal Law, International Law, Law and Language, Global Network
Legal Practice (Law School)
Social Sciences
Studies of Social Structure and Socio-Cultural Transformation, Socio-Cultural Studies, Human Practice, Reshaping Society, Advancing Human Development, Policy Management Studies, Studies in Social History
Global Issues
Global Issues
Language and Society
Humanities: Sociolinguistics, Philosophy and History, Western Languages and Culture, Asian Languages and Culture, Arts
Teaching Japanese as a Second Language: Japanese Linguistics, Teaching Japanese, Comparative Cultural Studies
Business Law
Business Law, Intellectual Property Strategy
Management and Finance Area
Financial Management and Strategy, International Business Strategy (Management Finance, Financial Econometrics)
International and Public Policy

International and Public Administration (Public Law, Global Governance), Public Economics Program (Public Economics, Asian Public Policy)

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