Research Students

Research Student (non-degree student) Admissions

To study at Hitotsubashi University as a research student, please confirm the qualifications firstly by Application Guidelines.

Application Guidelines


Qualifications for admission are as follows. Please refer to the application guidelines for details.

  • Those who are nominated by a foreign government.
  • Those who are currently enrolled in one of our partner institutions and are nominated by the partner institution.
    *An official letter of request from the partner institution will be required.
  • Those who have passed the first screening of Japan - Taiwan Exchange Association.

Application Documents

Please e-mail us if you think that you are qualified. We will send you the necessary application documents after confirming your qualifications.

When you contact us by e-mail, please mention the following items which are necessary to confirm your qualification.

・ Name of an university which you are attending [or you graduated from]

・ Year and Month of graduation [expected to graduate]

・ Which qualification you would meet


For those who wish to apply for September 2020 admission, please be sure to inquire whether or not you fulfill any one of qualifications by a week before application period will start. (For September 2020 admission: by April 13, 2020) That's because it is likely that applicants won't be able to meet the application deadline stated below if they contact us after the above inquiry due date in order to confirm your qualification.

Research Period

Maximum of 2 years.

Application Period

November 1, 2019 - Novemeber 7, 2019 [JST] (for April 2020 admission)

*The application must reach us by no later than the due date.

*Screening results will be announced in December.


April 20, 2020 - April 24, 2020 [JST] (for September 2020 admission)

*The application must reach us by no later than the due date.

*Screening results will be announced in June.


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