Undergraduate Program (Privately Financed Students)

Admission to Undergraduate Program

To enroll in the undergraduate program at Hitotsubashi University, applicants must take the Entrance Examination for Privately Financed International Students. The application guidelines are released in September, and the application process starts in December. The entrance examination takes place in February. Please refer to the information below for more details.

Admission Requirements

Please refer to Admission Guidelines for Privately Financed International Students (Japanese)


The following is a list of subject areas covered by each faculty. Most courses are conducted in Japanese.

Faculty of Commerce and Management

Business Management, Business Economics, Marketing, Accounting, Money and Finance, Industry and Culture, and more.

Faculty of Economics

Economic Theory, Principles of Economic Policy, Regional Economics, Socioeconomic Systems, Public Economics, Economic History, Economic Statistics, Environment and Technology, Economic Cultural Information, Information and Mathematical Science, Contemporary Economics, Economic Geography, and more.

Faculty of Law

Legal History, Philosophy of Law, Foreign Law, Comparative Cultures of Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, International Organization Law, International Relations, International Organizations, Civil Law, Civil Procedure, Commercial Law, Public Control of Business, Labor Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminology, Law and Language, and more.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Social Structure, Sociological Theory, Social Survey & Research, Sociology of Religion, Global Sociology, Social Philosophy, History of Social Thought, Society and Culture, Social Psychology, Mass Communication, Social Anthropology, Global Environment, Educational Sociology, Sport Sociology, Political Science, Political History, Civil Society, Social Life Studies, Social History, Gender and Society, and more.

General Education (Research and Development Center for Higher Education)

Foreign Languages, Language and Culture, Natural Sciences, Physical Education, General Education (Social Sciences, Humanities, Interdisciplinary Courses, Endowed Lectures), Seminars, and more.

Admission Information for Exchange Students

Students who are currently enrolled in one of Hitotsubashi University's partner institutions may apply to study at Hitotsubashi University as an exchange student (non-degree seeking student). Please refer to our student exchange page.


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