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HGP sounds like classes for foreign students visiting Japan, but in reality it is more for students who were born and grew up in Japan like me. The HGP provides you with a variety of classes, depending on your needs.

I studied English at the language school for two months, but I still felt that my English ability left much to be desired, and also I felt that I lacked the ability to discuss academic topics in English based on my experience in the language school. I started taking introductory Academic Skills in English courses and then moved on to more academic courses.

The classes were full of surprise and learning. As I studied alongside other international students, I was especially amazed by how they could make critical arguments that I would not have thought of. Also, this was my first experience of having a non-Japanese teacher, and the very different teaching methods complemented and expanded my thinking beyond what I had learned in my regular classes. Throughout my HGP courses, I was truly able to experience cultural differences and learned from a broad range of perspectives.


Based on my HGP experience, I participated in the International Talent Program in Spain and was given the opportunity to study at Copenhagen Business School as an exchange student. During these exchange opportunities, I made a habit of asking about things that I found curious and expressing what I thought was right—habits that I had picked up from international students in the HGP. This attitude enabled me to have meaningful discussions with other international students and resulted in very positive outcomes. I was able to cooperate effectively with other international students on our final assignment, on which we got the highest grade.

Thanks to the HGP and my subsequent international experiences, I felt confident in my intercultural competence, but at the same time, I also wanted to tackle more difficult challenges such as working in a non-English-speaking environment . So I decided to work for an international trading company.

I definitely feel that my HGP experience was my first milestone on a pathway that has broadened my future career opportunities.

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