International Student Online Advising (for HU students only)

To make a reservation for online advising, please follow the instructions below.

1)Reservation rules (Must read for first-time users)

  1. International student online advising requires advance reservation. On-the-day reservation is not accepted.
  2. Reservation can be made for the next two weeks ahead, but only one appointment per day.
  3. Multiple appointments in the same day or appointments that are more than two weeks away will be cancelled.
  4. You may cancel your own reservation up to one day before the day of the appointment via URL provided in a reservation confirmation e-mail. On-the-day cancellation (though not recommended) must be notified via e-mail to
  5. No-show without notice will result in restrictions of further online advising usage. For the courtesy of advisors, please notify us of your cancellation IN ADVANCE.
  6. When making a reservation, you must register using your HU e-mail address. Per our information security policy, reservations made with personal e-mail address shall be cancelled.

2)Reservation procedures

  1. Register your request via Google Form from the URL below.

    Weekdays (except for school holidays) 14:30-17:15
    Walk-in advising is also available on weekdays from 10:15-13:15 (appointment not needed). Advisor-on-duty will be happy to meet you in person.
  2. Once you submit the form, you will proceed to a clickable appointment calendar. From the pull-down menu, select “ISSAAO ONLINE”.
  3. You may select any time slots that are highlighted in white (gray boxes are already occupied).
  4. Upon making reservation, please use HU e-mail address only.

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