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Message from the Director


In recent years, the number of international students enrolled at Hitotsubashi University has been increasing. International students come from over 50 countries and regions, and now make up more than 10% of the total student body, putting Hitotsubashi University in the top class among Japanese universities in terms of the ratio of international students.

Ever since our university’s Center for International Students, the predecessor of the current Center for Global Education, was established in 1996, we have been offering a comprehensive Japanese language educational program for international students from around the world. The strength of our Japanese Language Education Program lies in the fact that it is composed of three elements: (1) Global Education Courses (Hitotsubashi Global Education Program/ HGP), (2) General Education Courses (GE), and (3) Courses offered by faculties.
First of all, in (1) Global Education Courses (HGP), we offer intensive Japanese Language Education Programs with a focus on students who have not previously studied Japanese. Next, in (2) General Education Courses (GE), we develop the Japanese language ability necessary to study at university from intermediate to advanced level, with separate courses for each skill. Moreover, (3) Courses offered by faculties to take advantage of Hitotsubashi University’s distinctive character as one of the leading humanities-focused Japanese universities to offer courses in the specialist Japanese language needed for study in the social sciences field.

I very much hope that you will join us on our comprehensive Japanese Language Education Program and enjoy learning Japanese together with international students from around the world.

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