Fall 2020 Dorm


If you wish to live in the residence halls in Fall 2020, please apply after reading the application guidelines carefully.


■Chuwa-ryo Application Guideline

■Kunitachi Residence Hall (Single Room) Application Guideline

※Kunitachi Residence Hall is not accepting new applicants for couple/family rooms in Fall 2020.

■Ikkyo-ryo (Single Room) Application Guideline

■Ikkyo-ryo (D Building) Application Guideline


Lottery Results


■Chuwa-ryo Lottery Results

■Kunitachi Residence Hall Lottery Results

■Ikkyo-ryo (Single Room) Lottery Results

■Ikkyo-ryo (D Building) Lottery Results
■Information (Accepted/waitlisted students)
■Room Cancellation Note


Room Numbers


 Kunitachi Residence Hall

■Room numbers(Kunitachi Residence Hall)


■Room numbers(Ikkyo-ryo Single rooms)

■Room numbers(Ikkyo-ryo D Building)

■Move-in Day Information(Ikkyo-ryo)


Residence Hall Keimeikan (Fall 2020)


♦2020 Fall Application for Keimeikan Please see read the application guideline carefully before applying.

■ 2020 Fall Keimeikan Application Guideline


【IMPORTANT】All residents are required to sign up for a fire insurance contact according to the
 residence hall regulation.

  More information is here.



For further inquiries, please contact the the Student Services Division 'Accommodation section' of Hitotsubashi University.
Email:dormitory(at)ad.hit-u.ac.jpp   * Please convert (at) to @ and send.

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