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What is the Language Community (LC)?

We are offering virtual LC Lounge in 2022/2023. If you are interested, please contact us by email (See the contact info at the bottom).

What is the Language Community (LC) Lounge of Hitotsubashi?

A place where you can experience real-life Japanese and exchange language with new friends.

No need to register, just come and have fun with us.

A place where you can make friends, both Japanese and international.

You can bring your own lunch and chat with people.

Any student of Hitotsubashi is welcome to join!

Participants are usually divided into groups depending on the language they want to talk and chat. We sometimes play games for fun.

  • Time:Every Wed. and Thu. during lunch break (12:30~13:15) during the sessions
  • Place:1F Lounge, LS/CGEE Building
*The language for communication at LC Lounge might change depending on the needs of the participants.

We also organize events such as Nagashi Somen (cold Japanese noodles) or Eating Mochi (Japanese rice cake)!

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Facebook:Language Community

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