Guesthouse Kunitachi

General Information

The purpose of Guesthouse Kunitachi is to provide international researchers engaged in teaching or conducting research at Hitotsubashi University with accommodation.


4-13-5 Higashi, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo, 186-0002 Japan
(about 1,500m from Kunitachi Station on JR Chuo Line)




  • Single 8 rooms (20/22m²)
  • Couple 3 rooms (41/48m²)
  • Family 4 rooms (63m²)

Rent and Miscellaneous Fee

(as of Oct 2020)

Rent/Miscellaneous Fee Cleaning fee
Single ¥60,000/month
¥21,000(31 days and above)
¥13,000(less than 31 days)
Couple ¥82,500/month
¥28,000(31 days and above)
¥18,000(less than 31 days)
Family ¥115,500/month
¥40,000(31 days and above)
¥27,000(less than 31 days)
  • Utility charges for electricity, water are included in Miscellaneous Fee. (All-electric)

Facilities and equipment

  • Each room has;
    Bed, Bed-pad, Pillow, Blanket, Bed linen, TV, Desk, Chair, Iron, Dining table set, Refrigerator, Microwave oven, IH cooking heater, Washing machine with wire dryer, Vacuum cleaner, Air conditioner, Bathroom, Wireress LAN, etc..
  • Other equipment varies according to the type of room.

Period of residence

14 days or more but no more than 2 years


20-minute walk from Kunitachi Station on JR Chuo line, South Exit

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