Carlson School (University of Minnesota) and Hitotsubashi students engage in intercultural exchange on campus

On Monday, May 20, a group of 30 juniors and seniors from the Carlson School of Management (CSOM) at the University of Minnesota engaged in various programs with our student leaders, fostering exchange and interaction. University of Minnesota is one of our valued partner institutions with an exchange agreement, and CSOM, in particular, has departmental exchange agreements with our Faculties of Commerce and Economics. The visit was part of CSOM’s short-term study abroad program, which includes a two-week visit to Japan and South Korea. Participants experience and deepen their understanding of intercultural communication that is essential for conducting global business.


Welcome Lunch with HU Student Hosts

【@ East Campus Cafeteria】



Campus Tour in small groups, led by HU Student Hosts


Participating in a focus group as a part of a workshop conducted by Professor Yuko Yamashita:”Japanese Green Tea Workshop; How can we turn knowledge about traditional cultural products into cross-cultural value?”【@ Mercury Hall 】See workshop details


CSOM Students presentating to prospective HU students studying abroad: “A guide to maximizing student life at the U of M” 

【@ Mercury Tower  Conference Room】


Reception with HU Student Hosts and Japan Minnesota Association Members【@ Sano Shoin Guesthouse】