For Prospective International Students

Founded in 1875, Hitotsubashi University is an academic institution that focuses primarily on the social sciences and the study of civil society. Ever since its foundation the University’s goal has been to produce cultured individuals with a solid background in the social sciences and a civil-minded and international sensibility, people who will be able to play leadership roles in the political and economic world and in the industrial world as “Captains of Industry.”

Kunitachi is a beautiful city modeled on the academic cities of Europe, and is also home to many schools aside from Hitotsubashi University. The campus is situated in a forest-like setting with Romanesque architecture inspiring an academic atmosphere. At present there are more than 800 international students from over 50 different countries enrolled at the University, accounting for about 10 per cent of the total student body.

International Student Admissions

There are 3 categories of admissions as follows:

Privately Financed Students

Applicants take our entrance examinations to be admitted into our programs directly.
Special screening may be available in some cases.

MEXT Scholarship Students

The admission process begins with applying for a MEXT scholarship at the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General in the applicant’s home country. The first screening will be made there.

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Exchange Students

Hitotsubashi University has student exchange agreements with institutions worldwide. A student from an exchange partner institution may be admitted to Hitotsubashi University as an exchange student (non-degree seeking student) for 1 semester (6 months) or 2 semesters (1 year) upon nomination from the home institution.

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International Student Orientation

If you have been admitted to Hitotsubashi University, please take a look at our orientation page.

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For information about student dormitories, please check our housing information page.

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Career Support

The Career Support Office aims to support students’ job hunting and careers. The office provides individual counseling and career resources and holds company information sessions and career guidance seminars. By strengthening cooperation with offices and organizations on- and off-campus, it provides broad support for job hunting. It also assists with peer support for job hunting including the activities of the Career Design Committee.

For more information about career support by Hitotsubashi University, please check our Career Support Office’s page.

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