Course Registration

*If you are already admitted to our student exchange program, please also check course registration information for current students from here.

Exchange Students (Undergraduate)

There are 3 types of course available for undergraduate exchange students.

Course Type Medium of Instruction Content
General Education Courses Mainly in Japanese Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Information, Natural Science, Sports, General Courses, Japanese Language, Japanese Affairs
Undergraduate Courses Mainly in Japanese Specialized Courses offered by Faculties of Commerce and Management, Economics, Law, and Social Sciences
Hitotsubashi University Global Education Program (HGP) Mainly in English Courses conducted in English which are offered as General Education Courses or Specialized Courses, Global Education Courses (Including Japanese Language, Japanese Affairs, Seminar, etc.)

Undergraduate exchange students can register for courses outside their own major. However, some courses are not available to exchange students: please refer to the registration guidelines below.

Exchange Students (Postgraduate)

Postgraduate exchange students can register for some of the undergraduate-level courses listed above, as well as postgraduate-level courses offered by the respective graduate schools. However, since the requirements for the latter courses may vary by graduate school and course, students should check with the respective graduate schools before registering.

*Courses offered under the Master of Business Administration Program (MBA), the School of International Corporate Strategy (ICS), Business Law, and the School of Law are not open to exchange students.

Japanese Language

Japanese Language Courses are available to both undergraduate and graduate exchange students. The course levels range from elementary to advanced. Please refer to the course list.

Course Syllabus

Online Syllabus Service (open to public)

Please refer to the online syllabus service “CELS” (open to public) for detailed course information.

If you have an active Hitotsubashi “Ikkyo” Network ID (*1), please log in from here.

(*1) Hitotsubashi “Ikkyo” Network ID validity period:
Please note that you will not be able to log in to CELS or manaba once your enrollment period ends. If there are any documents, materials from your classes, or e-mails in your Hitotsubashi G-mail account  on CELS  and/or manaba  that you wish to keep with you, please make sure to make a back up of them within this validity period (e‐mails in your Hitotsubashi G‐mail cannot be recovered).
Additionally, your Hitotsubashi Network ID (Gmail service and 1284Wireless) will be expired in 60 days after your official enrollment period is over (for those who leave after the Spring-Summer semester: middle/November, for those who leave after the Autumn-Winter semester: end/May).