Scholarships for Exchange Students

JASSO Scholarship for Short-term Study in Japan

The JASSO scholarship is for international exchange students who are accepted by Japanese host universities under a student exchange agreement on a short-term basis of up to 1 year. Students nominated by any of our partner universities may be eligible to apply. Official nomination by both the host university and the home university is required to apply for this scholarship.

Monthly stipend: 80,000 yen

Please apply for the JASSO scholarship thorough your home university; applications submitted directly by nominated students themselves will not be accepted. Please note also that the JASSO scholarship is highly competitive and only a few students are selected each year, so you should not plan to depend on this scholarship to fund your studies.

The applicant must satisfy the qualifications and conditions below.

  • Must have non-Japanese nationality.
  • Must have student status at their home university and be officially nominated as an exchange student by a partner university under a student exchange agreement with Hitotsubashi University.
  • Must have a good academic and personal record.
  • Must have a clear study plan in Japan and be expected to be able to successfully complete their studies.
  • Must return to their home country after studying in Japan and continue their studies at their home university.
  • Will not be receiving another scholarship of an amount exceeding 80,000 yen per month during the exchange period.

Taiwanese nationals are given the eligibility to apply for the JASSO scholarship since the academic year 2013-14. They are also eligible to apply for a scholarship from the JTEA(Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association). Please refer to the website below for further details of the scholarship.