Career Exploration Programs for Exchange Students

Exploring a career in Japan can pose challenges for students with limited time in the country, particularly given the prevalent requirement for Japanese language skills in many companies. Hitotsubashi University addresses this issue by offering two types of career exploration programs designed to give exchange students a practical glimpse into working in Japanese companies, thus enriching their global career aspirations.

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Hitotsubashi Internship Program (HIP)

Hidden Opportunity Pursuit (HOP)

Program Type Internship (Unpaid) Company Visit and Business Planning
Duration 4 Weeks 3 Days + Presentation Day
Time End of July to End of August March
Venue Large, Midsize, and Venture Enterprises in Tokyo Sake Brewery and Tourism Office Visits in Chiba
Number of Openings 4-6 Participants 4-6 Participants
Japanese Proficiency Required (N1/N2) Not Required
Program Information Released in April Released in December
[HIP2024 Program Info] [HOP2024 Program Info]
Application Form [HIP2024 Application] [HOP2024 Application]
Application Deadline April December
Application Inquiries Study Abroad Section (Inbound), Educational Affairs Division <>