Service available walk-in (AM – no appointment needed) and online (PM – reservation required)

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日本語版は コチラ


  • 2024/4/24
    Kokubunji & Fuchu One Day Tour by Fuchu English Speaking Circle (Saturday, May 11 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m. ) (Closed)
  • 2023/12/26
    Hitotsubashi Opportunity Pursuit: A new career exploration programs released for HU exchange students. (Details)
  • 2023/10/16
    Kunitachi hosts Internatonal Tea Ceremony featuring Taiwan and Japan (Sunday, Nov. 5 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Details)
  • 2023/10/16
    Kokubunji City Kimono Festival 2023 (Sunday, Nov. 5,  PM) is seeking international student models.  Free kimono fitting services provided (Details)
  • 2023/9/11
    Language Community (LC) resumes on Monday, September 11. LC will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays’ lunch time. (Details)
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  • 2023/7/17
    During the Summer break, ISSAAO will be open on Mon – Fri 10:15-13:15 for walk-in advisingas well as Tue & Thu 14:30-17:15 for online advising (Reservation required).
  • 2022/04/14
    The EDGE Program offers English courses \(Academic, Business, and conversational English) for second-year students and above in all faculties. Currently, EDGE is recruiting English conversation partners (★ONLINE★) to work at the EDGE Self Access Center (ESA). This is a paid position. Click here (484KB) for details.
  • 2022/03/16
    Online Japanese Writing Support and Student Advising will resume on Monday, April 11. Appointment for these services can be made online starting Monday, April 4.
  • 2021/08/23
    During the Fall/Winter 2021 semester (starting Sep. 13), ISSAAO will provide walk-in advising in the morning and online advising in the afternoon. Appointment is required for online advising. Appointments can be made online from the web page here.