Message from the Director

阿部 仁

Associate Professor & Director, Center for Global Education and Exchange Director, International Student and Study Abroad Advising Office

Our advising team is here to support you

Depicted in our office logo, above, is your study-abroad adventure: students filled with anticipation of the unknown (depicted by pink area), driven by curiosity and a thirst for advancement (orange), fly over mountains (red) and oceans (blue) to embark on their next stage of development (green).

The International Student & Study Abroad Advising Office (ISSAAO) welcomes all of you at Hitotsubashi University – whether you are an exchange student registered for one or two semesters, degree-seeking graduate student, or research student who will be here for more than a year. All of our advisors have studied abroad and/or worked abroad extensively and experienced adjusting to a new culture, new language, new people, and are fluent in English and Japanese.

Speaking of fluency, I do want you to know that in Japan, being able to communicate in English is an exception rather than the norm – the exception being our campus community. As such, the more Japanese proficiency you acquire prior to arrival in Japan, the deeper your engagement will be into the local community. This is especially true for a family student with a spouse and/or children. All classes in public schools are provided only in the Japanese language. Therefore, spouse/children who lack Japanese language proficiency may face difficulties in understanding school affairs conducted in Japanese and adjusting to the new environment.

Our advisors are involved in administering language exchange, tutoring, and class activities aimed at facilitating international/domestic student interactions and will assist you to build connections on campus. They also serve as residence hall advisors who guide residence hall staff members so that they can help build a living/learning community for you at the International Residence Halls in Kodaira and Kunitachi campuses.

Rest assured that we are here to support you. All of us have been in your shoes before.