Center for Global Education and Exchange

Our Journey

Center for Global Education and Exchange was originally established in May 1996 as Center for Student Exchange to provide international students with Japanese Language Education and International Student Advising. It was reorganized into Center for Global Education in February 2010, adding new functions of Study Abroad Advising and coordination of English-taught curriculum called HGP (Hitotsubashi University Global Education Program). Since then, the Center had played a key role in promoting the internationalization of Hitotsubashi University, as the numbers of inbound and outbound students tripled during this period. In August 2018, the Center was renamed to Center for Global Education and Exchange and became a unit within Hitotsubashi University’s Mori Institute for Higher Education and Global Mobility. At that time, the function of HGP coordination became a shared responsibility of our center and the general education unit, with an aim of further integrating the English-taught curriculum into bachelor’s degree programs. Today, our Center continues to provide excellent programs and services (see below) to advance international student mobility in cooperation with units from all across the university.

The Japanese Language Education Program provides Japanese language education to all international students at Hitotsubashi University, offering both intensive Japanese courses and Japanese courses as part of the general education program.

The International Student and Study Abroad Advising Office provides advice on student life, immigration issues, cultural adaptation and adjustment, life after graduation (change of status), and crisis management interventions. The office also provides advice on study abroad, and helps students with planning, school selection, and pre-departure orientation. Short-term Global Training Programs in Spain and Malaysia during the spring break is also coordinated through this office.

The Office of Global Education Courses within Center for General Education coordinates HGP courses in cooperation with Center for Global Education’s Japanese Language Teaching Section and the International Student and Study Abroad Advising Office.

Faculty Members

There are 8 full-time instructors, 6 instructors holding another post in the university, and 24 adjunct instructors.

List of International Exchange Partners