International Activities on Campus

International Exchange Activities between Japanese Students and International Students

Over 800 international students are enrolled at Hitotsubashi University, accounting for approximately 10 percent of the total student body. This richly diverse environment helps students deepen their knowledge of other cultures and leads them on the path to becoming “Smart and Tough Global Leaders.”

This international experience will give you a great opportunity to enhance your global knowledge. Please get involved in various international activities on campus.

Hitotsubashi University Global Education Program (HGP)

HGP offers interdisciplinary courses conducted in English.

Language Community

The purpose of the Language Community (LC) is to promote language exchange activities between international students and Japanese students at Hitotsubashi University. Japanese students mainly get to learn a foreign language with international exchange students.

Dormitory Tutors

A Resident Assistant (RA) assists with international student advising and with planning international events at International House and International Village. International Village also has Community Assistants (CAs), who reside in each shared residential unit of 6 students and provide support to the residents for daily living and exchange activities.