Hitotsubashi Internship Program (HIP)

In an effort to provide exchange students with genuine cultural/ educational/ work experiences in Japan, Hitotsubashi University have joined with several companies in Tokyo to create a 4-week internship program. The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities for exchange students to understand business customs and practices in Japan, and help them to develop fundamental business skills and knowledge through practical experience.

Program Overview

Hitotsubashi Internship Program (HIP) Summer 2024

●Internship period: July 24- August 20, 2024

・Registered exchange students at Hitotsubashi University
・Third & Fourth year international students
・Japanese Language Requirement: N2/N1, or equivalent

●Openings: Three companies (maximum 3 interns per company)
・AIMSOUL <https://www.aimsoul.com/company/>
・AOI Pro. <https://www.aoi-pro.com/en/>
・Kanematsu <https://www.kanematsu.co.jp/en/>

●Program Schedule:
・[Program Orientation (Zoom)]   April 17, 16:00 – 17:00
*Link will be sent to exchange students via Hitotsubashi Gmail account
・[Application Deadline]   April 21, 23:59
*Online Application Form: Please check “HIP 2024 Program Information”
・[Internship Period]   July 24 – August 20, 2024
・[Mid-term Report]   August 2, 17:00-18:30
・[Final Report & Feedback Session]   August 20, 17:00-18:30


The first selection process is carried out by Hitotsubashi University, and checked by the host company. The host company reserves the right to make final judgements on the acceptance of nominated students.

Hitotsubashi University does not offer any credits to students who attend this program.

Each intern must pay their internship-related expenses, including commuting costs, liability and personal insurance and food during the internship program.

Application and Selection Procedures

HIP2024 Program Information (611KB)

Requirements and Responsibilities

Applicants must;
– be enrolled as an exchange student in Hitotsubashi University based on a student exchange agreement.
– have a good academic standing.
– be able to participate in the pre-program training and the internship program for the entire period.
– have N2/N1 or equivalent Japanese language proficiency.


[Notes on the Program]

Selected interns are not allowed to withdraw from the internship program once Hitotsubashi University selects as a candidate, unless Hitotsubashi University gives approval to withdraw.
Selected interns agree to promptly submit the daily report and the final internship report upon finishing this program.
Selected interns agree that this program is an unpaid internship.Selected interns must bring his/her own laptop computer to the workplace.

[Cost burden]

Selected interns are solely responsible for any payments that are required to participate in the program, including transportation costs for commute and visit to related facilities.
Selected interns must purchase health, accident and liability insurance as designated by Hitotsubashi University or the Host institution.

[Responsibilities in the Internship Program]

Selected interns must comply with the laws and regulations of host country, host institution, and Hitotsubashi University on this program. And they must also follow the guidance of members and advisors at the host institution.
While on this program, selected interns must not speak or act in any way that may be taken as slanderous to the host institution or its related institutions. They must not speak nor act in any way that may hinder the business activities of the host institution and its related institutions.
Selected interns must not to disclose any confidential information without permission of the host institution, both during and after the program, regarding the host institution and its related institutions that I may obtain during the program.
Selected interns agree to take full responsibility for any damages, both intentional and/or through negligence, to the host institution and others while participating in the program.
Selected interns must not lodge any complaints against or implicate Hitotsubashi University for any losses and/or damages caused by accidents, diseases, crimes, etc. that may occur while participating in the program.
Selected interns agree to transfer or assign, without charge, to the host institution the patent rights and other intellectual property rights that they are involved in while participating in the program.

[Privacy Policy]

Selected interns agree to allow the following parties to share and use personal information regarding myself that were provided when applying for the program and health, accident and liability insurance, and any accident details while participating in the program, so that they may deal with any accidents, contact my guarantor and administer the program: Hitotsubashi University, insurance company designated by Hitotsubashi University, relevant ministries and embassies, and host institution.