Postgraduate Exchange Student Application

Application Procedures for Exchange Students


Students in our partner universities  must be nominated by their home institutions before beginning the application process. The home institution has to complete HU’s Nomination List Excel form with the basic information about the student selected for the exchange and submit it to Hitotsubashi University through the Nomination List Upload form.

*Online NOMINATION (Autumn-Winter 2024):   February 1 – March 15, 2024


The nominated student must complete an online registration form with their personal data and current courses.

*Online Application (Autumn-Winter 2024): DEADLINE   March 29, 2024

↓↓Autumn-Winter 2024 Admission: APPLICATION  Closed↓↓



Students and their home institutions must send all of the application documents by e-mail to the Study Abroad Section (Inbound), Educational Affairs Division by the designated deadline through their home institutions’ student exchange office.
Direct applications from students with no nomination by their home institutions will not be accepted.

Please check on the below Document Checklist to download the application forms.
If any changes are made after the document submission, you must promptly notify us by e-mail.

Nomination / Application Deadline for Admission

  • Deadline for Autumn-Winter 2024 Admission: NOW OPEN
    Nomination Deadline: March 15, 2024    Application Deadline: March 29, 2024
  • Deadline for Spring-Summer 2025 Admission: NOT OPEN YET
    Nomination Deadline: September 13, 2024    Application Deadline: September 30, 2024

Admission Schedule

Please refer to this admission schedule  for the overall schedule.

Please check this schedule and our academic calendar before applying and ensure that the time frames meet any expected deadlines/procedures at your home institution before/after your student exchange at Hitotsubashi University.
Please note that Hitotsubashi University does not accommodate any requests from students to release any information about their grades before the university’s designated official grade release day.

Options for Postgraduate Exchange Students

There are four options for postgraduate-level student exchange.

1. Research under a Supervisor

Acceptance under this option is subject to the availability of a suitable supervisor and resources, and to the content of the application.

2. Enroll in Courses Conducted in Japanese

Postgraduate and advanced undergraduate courses conducted in Japanese are available. Applicants must possess a minimum Japanese language proficiency of JLPT Level 2, N2, or equivalent. In practice, however, JLPT Level 2 is generally insufficient for most courses, particularly for courses at the postgraduate level. Please refer to the web syllabus for the details of each course.

3. Enroll in Courses Conducted in English

Postgraduate and advanced undergraduate courses conducted in English are available, but most courses conducted in English are undergraduate-level. Applicants must possess a minimum English language proficiency of TOEFL PBT 550, iBT 79, IELTS 6.0, CEFR B2, or equivalent. A list of courses taught in English (HGP course list), mostly undergraduate-level courses, is available on the HGP website. Please refer to the web syllabus for the details of each course.

4. Enroll in Japanese Language Education Courses

Hitotsubashi University offers a wide variety of Japanese Language Education Courses ranging from introductory to advanced levels. Most courses are credited as undergraduate courses with a few exceptions for advanced Japanese language courses for postgraduate students. Please refer to the list of Japanese language courses, and to the web syllabus for the details of each course.

Document Checklist

No. Documents to be prepared by the applicant: Submit via Note
1 Confidential Reference Form(21KB)
Should be completed by a person who can describe your academic potential. Required for everyone.
2 Official Transcript(s) *Cumulative
All attended semesters should be included.

*Indicate clearly the number of credits and grades earned during the previous academic years.  In English please.

3 Copy of the English Test Score or JLPT Certificate
Not required for those from our partner universities where the exemptions for English proficiency apply. Click here to see the Language Requirements for more details.
4 (Only if necessary*)
Personal Information Registration for COE Application>> Visa application procedures
*Not required for those who enter Japan with a  Japanese passport or a valid status of residence.
Online Please refer to Appendix. 1 (507KB) first and complete the form.
■COE application form is organized by HU’s partner law firm on your behalf. Please wait for a first contact email from them, and then follow their instruction.
5 (Only if necessary*)
Statement of Financial Support(74KB)
*Not required for those who enter Japan with a Japanese passport or a valid status of residence.
Online Required only for those who apply for COE.
■Please follow the instructions by HU’s partner law firm.
6 (Only if necessary*)
Proof document(s) of Financial Support in English or Japanese
*Not required for those who enter Japan with a Japanese passport or a valid status of residence.
Online Supporting documents of your financial support (e.g., certificates of bank balance, tax certificate, or scholarship, etc.)
■Please follow the instructions by HU’s partner law firm.
7 (Only if necessary)
Accommodation Request Forms for Students with Disabilities (zip file)(100KB)

*Needs to be submitted only if a student requests support due to the disability(-ies).

Should be completed and signed by the student. Please refer to and submit all of the following documents:

  • 7 Checklist for Students Requesting Support for Special Needs
  • 7-1 Personal Information Disclosure Form
  • 7-2 Application for Reasonable Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
  • 7-3 Coursework
  • 7-4 Affirmation and Certification of Authenticity

*For 7-3, courses can be changed later until the actual course registration period, which is after the classes begin.


Documents No.1~3 and No.7 must be sent to Hitotsubashi University (Study Abroad Section (Inbound), Educational Affairs Division) by e-mail by either the home university or the applicant.

Documents No.4~6 must be sent to HU’s partner law firm through an online form by the applicant.

No. Documents to be prepared by the home institution: Submit via Note
9 Letter of Verification(36KB)
Please complete and sign the form.
10 Nomination List for JASSO Scholarship Application(38KB)
Please read though the eligibility first on page 1. If your students are eligible and wish to apply for this scholarship, please assign a rank to your student(s) and sign the form. Please use one list for each school.

Documents No.9~10 must be sent to Hitotsubashi University (Study Abroad Section (Inbound), Educational Affairs Division) by email by the home university.


  • タイプするか、楷書または活字体で書くこと
    Type or print legibly.
  • 数字は算用数字を用いること
    Use Arabic numerals for numbers.
  • 年号は全て西暦を用いること
    Note the year according to the Western calendar.
  • 固有名詞は全て正式な名称を記入し、省略しないこと
    Write proper nouns in full; do not abbreviate.
  • 申請書内の氏名はパスポート名を用いること
    Name in English must be the same as the passport name.
  • 申請書データのファイル名は変更しないこと
    Do not change the file names of application documents.