About HGP

HGP offers interdisciplinary courses in English, designed for both international and Japanese students. Students can choose from a variety of courses in the social sciences. The program provides in-depth learning opportunities in the fields of Business, Economics, Law, Sociology, IT and others. The program also includes courses specifically designed for exchange students ranging from Japanese language, Japanese Affairs, and seminars (courses with a limited number of students) all conducted in English.

Hitotsubashi University Global Education Program (HGP)は、社会科学分野における学際的な科目を提供しています。一部の科目を除き、授業は英語で行われます。HGPで提供される科目は一橋大学の全ての学生が履修可能ですので、通常の授業科目と同じように履修登録ができます。別途プログラムへの申請等は必要ありません。HGPは、(1)国際教育交流センターの開講する国際交流科目、(2)全学共通教育科目 、(3)各学部の学部教育科目の3種の科目で構成されています。 (1)については選択(自由)科目となります。


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Course Descriptions

For detailed information on each course, please take a look at our web syllabus at Campus Education Learning System: CELS

International Learning Community

At Hitotsubashi University, international students with advanced level of Japanese are encouraged to take courses conducted in Japanese, and we also suggest that students with good English proficiency to participate inHGP and become part of this international learning community. Our academic staff members are from around the world, and our international students come from over 46 different countries and regions.

Japanese for Beginners

In addition to our advanced-level Japanese language courses, the program provides credited courses in the Japanese language starting at an introductory level. Hitotsubashi University’s Japanese Language courses are highly acclaimed, providing an exciting and effective learning experience. Please refer to a chart (314KB) for details of the classified levels and types for Japanese language courses.

Beyond Cultural Exchange

With HGP, the course selections are not limited to Japanese language and culture-related courses. There are academic subjects available in English, so you can pursue studies in subjects related to your major. HGP also has a number of lecturers with professional experience in various industries, connecting our classrooms to the real world.

Special Courses for International Students

Designed specifically for newcomers, HGP offers interaction and experience-based learning courses taught in English: Social Science Seminar and Explore Japan Seminar. Social Science Seminar helps students to learn how to maximize their study abroad experiences at Hitotsubashi, while Explore Japan Seminar offers experiential-based immersion in various aspects of Japanese culture. Both of these courses are designed to foster learning community through student interactions in small groups that allows for a more intimate learning experience and better interaction with the professor.

Academic Skills in English

For students who are non-native English speakers, the program offers an opportunity to advance your ability with courses focused on the skills needed in an academic setting. Academic Writing 1 & 2, Academic Presentation 1 & 2 and Academic English (TOEFL Preparation) are all designed to prepare students for studies in an English-speaking environment.

HGPではAcademic Skills in Englishと呼ばれる英語による授業を履修するために必要な英語力とスキルを身につけられる科目も提供しています。