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まずは、一橋大学に正規留学生(学部正規生、大学院正規生)、交流学生(学部・大学院)、または外国人研究生)として入学してください。入試情報については、学部正規生は入試課 へ、大学院正規生は各研究科事務室 へお問い合わせ下さい。交流学生(学部・大学院)、外国人研究生の申請方法については、下記リンクをご参照下さい。上記の本学学生以外の受講は認められません。













Basic Japanese 1やBasic Japanese 2のように、週5コマ(月曜日から金曜日)開講となっている科目は、 必ず5コマ全て出席する必要がありますか?それとも、週数コマを選択して、出席することが可能ですか?

必ず開講コマ数全てに出席して下さい。週5コマ(月曜日から金曜日)開講する科目には、必ず5コマ出席が必要です。初級前(Beginner Low)レベルでは、週3コマ開講のIntroduction to Japanese Languageも開講しています。自身のスケジュールに合わせて選択してください。詳しくは、CELS にてシラバスをご確認ください。


How can I take courses in Hitotsubashi University’s Japanese Language Education Program?

First, please enroll at Hitotsubashi University as a Degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate student, an exchange student (undergraduate and graduate students), or a research student. For information on admissions, please contact the Admissions OfficeOpen in New Window for Degree-seeking undergraduate students or the graduate school office for Degree-seeking graduate students. For information on how to apply for exchange students and research students, please refer to the link below.


No other students will be admitted to the course.

The Japanese language program is offered in semester units (spring/summer and fall/winter semesters). It is not possible to enroll in the program for only a part of a semester.

Degree-seeking graduate students, exchange students, and research students are required to take the Japanese Placement Test online before the start of the semester in which they will take Japanese language courses for the first time. After taking the Japanese Placement Test, students must apply by lottery for the Japanese language courses that correspond to their placement level as determined by the test.

For the schedule of the Japanese Placement Test, please refer to the Orientation Schedule in the link below.


Can I take classes as an auditing student?

Students are not allowed to take courses as an auditing student. Please make sure to apply for the lottery according to the procedure in A1.

I have never studied any Japanese before. Can I take a Japanese language course?

Yes, but, please make sure to take the Japanese Placement Test. Please refer to the Orientation Schedule on the following website for the schedule of the Japanese Placement Test.


Is there a summer school held as part of the Hitotsubashi University Japanese Language Education Program?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a summer school or any other courses during the summer break period.

For courses consisting of five periods per week (from Monday through Friday), such as Basic Japanese 1 and Basic Japanese 2, is it obligatory to attend all five periods? Or is it possible to select a certain number of periods per week to attend?

Please make sure to attend all the periods scheduled. Where courses consist of five periods per week (from Monday through Friday), it is necessary to attend all five periods. If your schedule cannot accommodate five periods per week, we recommend taking Survival Japanese, which consists of three periods per week. Please consult the syllabus on CELS for details.