Is there an enrollment cap (limit) on the number of students for the courses?

Yes, some courses have an enrollment limit. The decisions about this limit and the student selection process for the course are left to the course instructor’s discretion. The enrollment conditions and restrictions for each course can be confirmed from its syllabi.

Is it possible to audit (attend classes but not be evaluated) a course?

Whether to accept auditors is left to the course instructor’s discretion. To opt for an audit status, a student has to consult the instructor by the first week of the classes.

Is there a minimum English proficiency requirement for degree-seeking students to take an HGP course?

No. Officially, the HGP does not have a minimum English proficiency requirement for such students. However, some courses indicate the recommended level of English proficiency in their syllabi.
If a student is not confident of his/her ability to follow the classes taught in English, it is recommended to take some courses from the Academic Skills in English category first. Also, some HGP Seminars are conducted in every term and can serve as trial experiences for the courses in English.

Is it possible for graduate students to take an HGP course?

Yes, HGP courses are open to graduate students as well. However, the students should consult their graduate school’s office regarding course registration. Some restrictions may apply to course registration depending on the graduate programs.

Is it possible to retrieve course syllabi remotely?

Yes. Online course syllabi are available from Hitotsubashi University’s dedicated website, “CELS”. All Hitotsubashi University’s course syllabi can be retrieved from there.
1. Go to the CELS website: https://syllabus.cels.hit-u.ac.jp/syllabus/?locale=en_US