Mandatory Subscription of Fire Insurance(For all students)

【IMPORTANT】All residents are required to sign up for a fire insurance contract according to the residence hall regulation.

It is mandatory for all residents of Hitotsubashi University residence halls to be covered by fire insurance.
Starting in September 2021, the University will instead manage a collective fire insurance contract and charge students a fire insurance contribution fee each month.
Our intention is to take the burden off of students, so that they can enjoy the residence halls with peace of mind and focus on their studies.

Please check the below information.
Fire Insurance Policy beginning in September 2021 (Single, Couple, and Family rooms) (275KB)


Accommodation Section, Student Services Division, Hitotsubashi University
Main Building 1F, Kunitachi West Campus
TEL:042-580-8164(Weekdays 8:30-17:15)/ E-mail:dormitory(at)
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