For Exchange Students

This page shows information for our exchange students who are currently enrolling at Hitotsubashi. If you wish to apply to Hitotsubashi University as an exchange student, please check the information on this website: prospective international exchange students.

International Student Orientation Handouts

Handouts given in the International Student Orientation are available here for your reference.

Academic Calendar

Course Registration

<Autumn/Winter 2019>

*Information about Course Registration for Spring/Summer 2020 will be posted by the end of February 2020.

Course Registration Period for Exchange Students

  • Undergraduate Exchange Students: September 18 (Wed) - September 23 (Mon) *Online registration
  • Graduate Exchange Students: September 17 (Tue) - September 25 (Wed) *Online registration

Course Registration Guidelines

Cretit requirements and courses which are not eligible for the Exchange Students and MEXT Japanese Studies Students are listed in the "Course Registration Guidelines for Exchange Students and MEXT Japanese Studies Students (Pink Sheet)".

"Lottery Courses" (抽選科目)

For Autumn/Winter 2019, the exchange students and MEXT Japanese Studies Students can apply for the "Lottery Courses" during the following designated period of time if any seats remain vacant after degree-seeking undergraduate students' lottery registration result is released on September 13 (Fri) at 12pm (noon) on CELS.

  • [Application Period]: September 13th (Fri) 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • [How to Apply]:
  • Step 1) Apply for any of the "Lottery Courses" which you wish to registerer for on CELS

    Step 2) Lottery results will be released around 19:00 on the same day (if you win the lottery, the course will be automatically registered*).


    *Once you win the lottery for any of the "Lottery Courses", you CANNOT drop off/delete the course registration regardless of the reason.

    *If any of the "Lottery Courses" have more online applications than its available vacancies, you might not be able to take a course as planned. Please take it into your consideration and plan your courses.

    [HGP] Pre-registration sessions with limited enrollments

    There will be the pre-registration sessions for the following HGP courses (TBC).
    Those who wish to register with any of these courses MUST attend the mandatory pre-registration session of the course.
    For details of each session, please refer to the orientation schedule.

    • Explore Japan (Thu 3 & 4, ABE, Jin)
    • Japanese Management A (Tue 3, KAWASAKI/MORI)
    • Japanese Business C (Tue 4, NISHIOKA, Sachiko)
    • World Affairs B (Mon 3, UEYAMA, Shuichiro)
    • Seminar on Humanities (Thu 3, KAWAMOTO, Reiko)

    Details are also available on the HGP Course List website.

Course Syllabus

Online Syllabus Service

Please refer to the online syllabus service "CELS" (open to public) for detailed course information.

If you have an active Hitotsubashi "Ikkyo" Network ID (*1), please log in from here.

(*1) Hitotsubashi "Ikkyo" Network ID validity period:
Hitotsubashi Network ID (same as Wi-Fi ID/password) is inactived in 60 days after your official enrollment period is over (for those who leave after Spring-Summer semester: middle/November, for those who leave after Autumn-Winter semester: end/May).
If there are any documents, materials from your classes, or e-mails in your Hitotsubashi G-mail account on CELS and/or manaba that you wish to keep with you, please make sure to save them within this validity period.

Scholarship Information for Exchange Students

JASSO Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship for Short-Term Study in Japan)

Selection of JASSO scholarship candidates is done during the exchange student application procedure. Candidates must submit the application form when they apply for exchange student admission. Please see the details here.

Procedures before Returning Home

When the semester is over and your departure date is confirmed, please contact the Educational Affairs Division Section 4 (E-mail: edu-gs.g2 [at] Please complete all the necessary procedures before leaving.

Exchange students MUST inform the Educational Affairs Division of any temporary absences from Japan.

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