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General Education Courses / Foreign Language (Japanese)

Course Name Grades Faculty of Commerce and Management
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Social Data Science
Faculty of Law Faculty
Faculty of Social Sciences
Required Foreign Language Courses Second Foreign-language English
Japanese Ⅰ 1st-4th
Japanese Ⅱ
Advanced Japanese Speaking I 1st-3rd
Advanced Japanese Writing II
Advanced Japanese Academic Writing
Advanced Japanese Reading II
Advanced Japanese Speed Reading
Advanced Japanese Reading in Early Modern Japanese 1st-4th
Advanced Japanese Academic Speaking

General Education Courses / Humanities

Course Name Grades
Japanese Affairs for International Students A 1st-4th
Japanese Affairs for International Students B

Courses Offered by Faculties

Faculties offering courses Course Name Grades
Faculty of Economics Advanced Japanese in Economics I 1st
Advanced Japanese in Economics Ⅱ 1st-3rd
Japanese for Economic Research 4th
Faculty of Law Advanced Legal Japanese 1st-4th