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Exchange student (Under Graduate, Graduate) / Research student

Name Level
Basic Japanese I Beginner Low
Introduction to Japanese Language
Basic Japanese II Beginner High
Comprehensive Japanese for Beginners
Intermediate Japanese I Intermediate Low
ntermediate Japanese I Reading
Intermediate Japanese I Writing
Intermediate Japanese I Speaking
Intermediate Japanese I Kanji & Vocabulary
Intermediate Japanese II Intermediate
Intermediate Japanese Speaking
Intermediate Japanese Writing
Intermediate Japanese Reading
Intermediate Japanese Kanji and Vocabulary
Pre-Advanced Japanese Speaking Pre-Advanced
Pre-Advanced Japanese Writing
Pre-Advanced Japanese Reading
Pre-Advanced Japanese Kanji and Vocabulary
Pre-Advanced Japanese Grammar
Pre-Advanced Japanese in Economics
Advanced Japanese Speaking I Advanced Low
Advanced Japanese Writing I
Advanced Japanese Reading I
Advanced Japanese Grammar
Advanced Japanese in Economics I
Advanced Japanese Speaking II Advanced High
Advanced Japanese Writing II
Advanced Japanese Reading II
Advanced Japanese Speed Reading
Advanced Japanese Academic Speaking
Advanced Japanese Academic Writing
Advanced Japanese Reading in Early Modern Japanese
Advanced Japanese in Economics II
Japanese for Economic Research
Advanced Legal Japanese